Monthly Wrap-up: March

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Monthly Wrap-up: March

March was a momentous month for TBI Bank, and we’ve got plenty planned for April too. Here’s our regular Monthly Wrap-Up of what we’ve done in the last month, and what’s to come for the next one. Monthly Wrap-Up: What’s that? Take a look at why we’ve started this new format. But, wait, first read the new edition.



TBI Bank’s March Wrap-up
We call it the woman’s month.
And it was full of nice surprises.


What we achieved

Look around Razgrad, Ruse, and Vratsa

Hopefully you hear and read a lot about our digital transformation journey. Yes, it’s been a main task of our teams in Bulgaria and Romania, and, yes, more and more customers can take advantage from plenty of digital financial solutions we offer online. This doesn’t have to mean we’re leaving behind the people who still prefer to visit our branches.

We’ve already announced the phased rebranding and refreshment of our branch network. In March TBI Bank’s offices in three Bulgarian towns, Razgrad, Ruse, and Vratsa became the new, fresh and cool look. Our customers there will benefit from the comfortable setup of the branches and enjoy quicker access to financing and our other services. Balloons and cake welcomed the customers for the opening, some local press came as well. As it seems a branch refreshment is real news.

Highlights in Prague, big buzz in Sofia

It might seem as if we took a break from our main business – we participated with presentations at two major industry events in Prague and Sofia. We consider them not only as a way to showcase TBI Bank’s plans and achievements, but much more a contribution to a stronger FinTech society. It’s leading by example, and that’s a business priority, too.

So what happened? At LendingUP! in Prague, the first European gathering focused on the hottest trends in consumer and SME loans, Petr Baron presented our strategic vision and gave a peak of how we split our core and target lending customers. Not even a week later it was time for the second Sofia FinTech Summit. And one hell of event it was – twice as many guests as last year, and speakers from all over Europe. But it all started with our presentation on TBI Bank’s story and unique position between the GAFA’s, the disrupters, and the traditional banks. Its video intro literally rocked the house - an audience of more than 600 fintech and business professionals, media and many others. Check out this snippet from Petr Baron’s presentation – these are challenging times, but we’re up for them.

If you haven't seen us on stage yet, April will also be full of action with TBI Bank representatives speaking at the Financial Tech Forum, the E-commerce Success Conference, and the Sound of Money Summit in Sofia.

Golden slopes

Reaching the gold is hard, but keeping the number 1 spot is even harder. Simple, but true. So when we heard that our very own Evgenia Dimitrova-Gontcheva won both disciplines in her age group at the traditional Banking ski competition for a second consecutive year, we got really excited. Not as much as the team who represented us in Borovets, but we’ve shared the emotion. And since the Banking summer Olympics are around the corner, the sporting challenge is accepted

Where we failed

Is a Top 3 spot enough?

Probably it’s not. But being selected among the best three Significant Corporate IT Project in Bulgaria among 16 other nomination made us proud, since the IT Project of the year awards by BAIT (the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies) are the most prestigious industry benchmark (no joke, they are called the “Bulgarian ICT Oscars”). And we got a first place for another IT project in February. And even a top 3 spot shows that we’re moving in the right direction. And it’s is good to know that there is space to improve. Wait for us, IT Project of the year awards 2020.
Our plans 

Even quicker money for an elephant or a toaster

Almost a year ago a joint team from 6 different departments started working on a new process, called Continuous scoring. So much time, so many colleagues – this has to turn into magic. Indeed, it’s an innovative instrument to calculate our customers’ credit capacity in real time, all the time (ok, it’s not magic, but a pure risk instrument with a lot of data and automation being involved). Continuous scoring reduces the so called Time to YES (meaning the time needed for the credit approval) to minimum. In short it gives us insight on what the current credit capacity of our customers is and is it enough to grant them the amount requested. As our colleagues from the Business Solution Studio put it: “The customer knows in real time about his possibility to take a cash loan and buy elephant or just buy toaster in the retail network.” Funny guys, we give them that.

The Continuous scoring model will be launched in the upcoming months and our customers will be informed via SMS, during repayment, in personal calls or very soon through our mobile application about their credit capacity. It’s a win-win for everyone: From now on our customers will receive rapid loan decisions and be satisfied, while we at TBI Bank once again prove that improving the service level of the products is our main priority.


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