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Your savings can easily work in your favor, bringing you a guaranteed profit with minimal risk, all the more you can open a deposit in RON exclusively without any trip to the bank.

Online Deposit

Simple Deposit

Merchant Loans

You are walking in the park, lay down on a bank and, while you are gazing upon the sky, you realize you want to buy a new smartphone. Or maybe you are home, relaxing and you want to have a glass of cold water. You could have a water dispenser refrigerator. 
No matter where you are, outside or at home, apply for the fastest and easy to pay financing method offered by TBI Credit

Online Product Loan

In-store Credit

Credit Card

The Credit Card may be your choice when you want flexibility in accessing credit. With the right credit card, you can control your finances, defer the cost of the goods you want to buy now, or earn rewards for day-to-day expenses.

Mastercard Standard

Personal Loan

When you don’t have the time, but you need help. When someone depends on you and you can’t let him down. When there’s a sudden change in plans and you need the money right away. With the Personal Loan, the money get to you quickly.

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Necessary documents

Cut off times for operations
pdf format

General Business Conditions for natural persons
pdf format

Information for depositors on deposits guarantee
pdf format

List of interests, fees and charges for individuals
pdf format

Authorization of transfer of the payments accounts
pdf format

Guide on the service of transfer of the payments accounts
pdf format

Information about payments accounts with basic features according to the Law 258/2017 on the comparability of the fees for the payments accounts, transfer of the payments accounts and access to the payments accounts with basic features
pdf format


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