Mastercard Standard

This product is offered by TBI Credit IFN SA part of TBI Bank Group

The Credit Card may be your choice when you want flexibility in accessing credit. With the right credit card, you can control your finances, defer the cost of the goods you want to buy now, or earn rewards for day-to-day expenses. Generally, you will pay your interest rates unless you pay your credit each month or you have an interest-free offer.


Credit Card validity
3 Years
Interest rate for ATM withdrawals/payments
Interest rate for POS payments
Monthly maintenance fee of the Credit
Credit Card’s issuance and PIN code generation
No fee
POS payments
RO: 0 RON; Abroad:1%
Cash withdrawal at the ATM/ bank counter
RO: 1% + 8 RON Abroad: 2%+10 RON

Multiple benefits just in time

0% fee for commission for purchases made in the country
0% interest during the grace period up to 50 days for card payments in the country and abroad

At the time of card request you can make your first card purchase* at partner stores and pay in fixed rates

Cash withdrawals from ATMs displaying the Mastercard logo, anytime, in the country and abroad

Shopping with a card worth more than RON 300 can be repaid in equal installments with a more advantageous interest

*The first purchase can be made without the use of a card, based on a debit order that is a credit line use operation and will be part of the Credit Card Agreement concluded between the Cardholder and TBI Credit IFN, through which the holder of the card requests TBI Credit IFN to debit the card account with the transaction value.
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Frequently asked questions

Achizitionezi un credit de bunuri online finantat de TBI Credit.

Pentru a intra in posesia codului PIN, trimite  SMS la 3726 cu textul mentionat in scrisoarea de intampinare, utilizand numarul de telefon mobil pe care l-ai furnizat catre TBI Credit.

Activeaza cardul contactand Serviciul Clienti la 021 202 69 99.

Solicita regenerarea codului PIN, opteaza pentru transmiterea sa prin SMS si in cateva minute primesti un nou cod PIN la numarul de telefon mobil pe care l-ai furnizat catre TBI Credit. 

Suma de plata iti este comunicata prin intermediul extrasului de cont. Acesta se emite lunar in data de 4 a lunii si se va transmite in functie de optiunea ta la adresa de e-mail sau adresa de corespondenta pe care le-ai furnizat catre TBI Credit. Sumele de plata vor fi scadente in data de 25 a lunii. Primul extras va contine pe langa prima rata si comisionul de administrare lunara a creditului.

Opteaza pentru transmiterea extrasului de cont lunar catre adresa ta de e-mail.

- 5% din suma utilizata (inclusiv taxe si comisioane)  pe care nu ai transferat-o la rambursarea in rate
- 5% din ratele lunare corespunzatoare tranzactiilor rambursate in rate
- Dobanda, inclusiv cea aferenta ratelor lunare (daca este cazul)
- Sumele provenite din depasirea neautorizata de limita si/sau penalizari (daca este cazul)

Suma minima de plata este specificata in extrasul lunar de cont.

Rapid si simplu, la orice punct de incasare PayPoint sau SelfPay (ZebraPay).
Lista locatiilor PayPoint o gasesti aici.
Statiile de plată SelfPay si lista tuturor serviciilor la care ai acces sunt disponibile aici.

Transfer bancar (cu minim 3 zile lucratoare inainte de data scadenta) in urmatoarele conturi:

TBI Bank: RO24TBIB9311001900005202
CEC Bank: RO60CECEB20044RON3223291
Raiffeisen Bank: RO72RZBR0000060016450006
Banca Transilvania: RO37BTRL0450160100703845
BCR: RO96RNCB0072049681080002

Prin aplicatia Pago despre care poti afla mai multe detalii aici.

Contact card 
Pentru orice informatii legate de cardul tau sau in cazul in care vrei sa-l declari ca fiind pierdut/furat te rugam să contactezi Serviciul Carduri la numarul de telefon 021 202 69 99.
Disponibil 24/7

Contact informatii generale
Pentru orice alte informatii legate de cardul tau (functionalitate card, receptionare card si PIN, primire extrase de cont) foloseste una din variantele de mai jos:
Serviciul Relatii Clienti la 021 529 86 00
sau e-mail:
Luni-Vineri 9:00 – 18:00

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