"Promotional Interest Rates” online deposits campaign

The campaign is available until 31 December 2019 for existing customers and new customers.

Promotional Interest Rates*

Available Online

*According to the legislation into force, the state withholds 10% tax for incomes from interests.

Campaign Regulation, "Promotional Interest Rates”

The Campaign "Promotional Interest Rates" (hereinafter referred to as the "Campaign") is organized by TBI Bank EAD SOFIA - Branch Bucharest with headquarters: Putul lui Zamfir Street, no. 8-12, 4 floor, sector 1, Bucharest, registered with the Trade Registry under the number J40 / 11691/2012, Fiscal Code RO 3077120, in the Credit Institutions Registry under no. RB-PJS-40-068/30,08,2012, personal data operator registered under no. 26838 hereinafter referred to as "the Organizer", in accordance with the provisions of these Rules of Regulations.

The Campaign is designed to promote Online Deposits with 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 and 36 months maturity with promotional rates and it is addressed to individuals who meet the conditions described in Article 5 of this Regulation.

3.1 The persons entitled to participate in accordance with Article 5 of this Regulation receive the following benefits:
Online Deposit/RON: 3.50% (6 months); 3.65% (9 months); 4.00% (12 months), 4.00% (18 months), 4.00% (24 months), 4.50% (36 months).

4.1 Promotional interest rates are strictly granted for online deposits created between 05.10.2018 - 31.12.2019.

5.1 In this campaign can participate Romanian citizens, residents, aged at least 18 years, individuals who apply for deposits through the Online Platform of TBI Bank EAD Sofia - Bucharest Branch ( during the campaign (according to art. 4.1. above).
5.2 The campaign is addressed to both existing online clients and new clients who open online deposits in RON with a maturity of 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 and 36 months during the campaign.
(2) In addition to the existing clients mentioned in art. 5.2 above, the right to participate in the Campaign also belong to existing clients with deposit contracts already signed in the Organizer's agencies, which cumulatively fulfill the following conditions: a) they did not constitute online deposits until the date of 05.10.2018, did not liquidate in advance and did not withdraw the amounts resulting from deposits due during the Campaign period; b) transfer to the online deposit accounts new / additional amounts in relation to the amounts already existing in the deposit accounts and / or in the current accounts opened with the Organizer,
5.3  A customer can open multiple online deposits with promotional rates until reaching the maximum amount of RON 460,000. The maximum amount  from above will be verified by the Organizer, summing up the existing amounts in the online deposit accounts that the Customer holds at the time of applying for a new online deposit as well as the new amounts transferred by the Customer for the creation of online deposits with promotional rates.
5.4 All Campaign participants are required to meet all the conditions for participation in the Campaign as described in these Regulation.

6.1 During the Campaign, the Organizer carries out promotional campaigns to existing clients and new clients by informing them of the Campaign, the conditions for participation in the Campaign and its benefits.
6.2 Clients interested, in opening an online deposit, complete an application by accessing the Online Deposit Platform of TBI Bank EAD Sofia - Bucharest Branch at
6.3 After receiving the request by the Organizer, it checks the client's request. If all the required conditions are met, it will approve the client's request to open an Online Deposit. In case of non-fulfillment of the conditions of this Regulation as well as those specific to online deposits (mentioned in the website address above), the Organizer may refuse the client's request for the opening of an Online Deposit.
6.4 If the Online Deposit application is approved, the client will receive by email the IBAN account in order to transfer the amount required to set up the Online Deposit.
6.5 Once the amount transferred by the client has been received in the IBAN account sent by email to the customer, the Online Deposit opens automatically and the client will receive by email the Online Deposit Contract.

The Campaign will take place online.

According to the legislation in force, the Organizer calculates, withholds and transfers to the National Administration of Tax Administration the tax of 10% for interest income.

9.1 The Organizer reserves the right to modify/ cancel/ suspend this Regulation,the new Regulation / new modifications will come into force after its publication on
9.2 This Campaign may terminate or may be suspended in the event of an event constituting force majeure / unforeseeable circumstances, in accordance with applicable law, including in the event of the Organizer being unable, for reasons beyond its control, to continue the Campaign, and upon expiration of the period for which it was organized.

10.1 Eventual disputes having as parties the Campaign Organizer and a beneficiary of the Campaign will be solved amicably. If this is not possible, they will be settled by the competent courts.
10.2 The applicable law is Romanian law.

Personal Data of Campaign Participants is processed by the Organizer in accordance with the Privacy Policy posted on

12.1 This Campaign does not cumulate with other current campaigns run by the Organizer during the same period of time.
12.2 This Regulation is published on the website and can be obtained upon request by any interested person from the Organizer's representatives.

Deposits are covered


Deposits specified in the actual Interest Rate Newsletter of TBI Bank are covered by the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund (BDIF), which guarantees their full payment to one person pursuant to the Bulgarian Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee, regardless of their number and to an amount up to EUR 100 000 with the accrued interest as of the date of the issuance of an act under Art. 20(1) of the same law, included in the amount specified, except the cases strictly stated by the Law. The total amount of the Bank's liability to a depositor is determined in accordance with Art. 12 of the Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee. Payments of amounts will begin no later than 7 working days from the date of the issuance of an act under Art. 20(1) of the Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee.

Additional information can be found by accessing the Insurance Fond Website.
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